Episode 193: Albums That Got Us Through High School w/ Steve Mockus

Are you in the mood to listen to 3 middle-aged white guys talk about the difficulties of their high school days and geek out over ’80s culture for a couple hours? Then look no further than this episode. And also 90% of the other podcasts out there.

Episode 192: All in the Family vs. The Carmichael Show

John & Pat compare two political sitcoms from different eras: one from a time when a criminal republican in the White House nearly destroyed the country, and one from when Nixon was in office.

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Episode 190: Tourist Trap vs. The VVitch w/ Michael Morris

Michael returns to discuss a pair of horror movies – one legitimate, one where the horror come from the realization you spent an hour and a half watching garbage when you could have been folding laundry. So i’s all a good metaphor for life in general.