Episode 227: Our Top 10 of 2017

Finally, the whole stupid year is over, so it’s time for our annual recap of the few good things that actually happened. Spoiler: The Emoji Movie didn’t make the cut. We’re rebels!

We apologize for not having a special “227” episode for our 227th episode. Wait until you hear Episode 90210, we’ll more than make up for it!

Episode 217: 1987 vs 2017

John & Pat once again compare the ’80s to the ’10s, and once again prove the past was a huge load of crap. Of course, they also prove that so is the present. Why even bother doing anything? Just quit your dumb job and collect unemployment.

Episode 214: Rush – Power Windows vs. Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes w/ Ami

Ami once again joins the guys for the latest salvo in the gender wars: Rush vs. Tori Amos. Who will emerge triumphant? As always with this podcast, the answer is: the listener.

Episode 213: I Love Lucy vs. Motörhead – Ace of Spades w/ David Schneider

“David joins the guys to finally answer the question that’s been plaguing all of us since the 20th century: Who’s better – Lucille Ball or Motörhead? The answer may surprise and delight you! If you’re psychotic.

Episode 209: The Best Songs of 2017 Part 1

As they have done semi-annually for 59 years, John and Pat pick their top 10 songs of 2017 so far. Will Michael Bolton finally make the list? You’ll have to listen to all 2 hours to find out. Or skip it and go watch a movie, because he doesn’t.

Episode 206: The Replacements – Pleased To Meet Me vs. Sleater Kinney – Dig Me Out

John & Pat do another episode about classic albums celebrating anniversaries, but who cares? Does anybody read these descriptions anyway? Rutabaga jetpack flim-flam Pocahantas do-rag.