Episode 224: The TV of Our Childhoods vs. The TV of Today

John and Pat take a look at the TV shows of old and compare them to today’s crop. Which era will come out the winner? The answer will shock and delight you. And also make you rethink all your life decisions. Don’t blame us if you walk out of your comfortable existence for a road trip into the seedy underbelly of the American dream!

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Episode 222: Fare Trade with Ana Golja and Jonathan Hirsh

Legitimate actress/musician Ana Golja and big-shot creator/producer Jonathan Hirsch join the guys from America’s 51st state (Canada!) to talk about their new comedy project, Fare Trade. This episode unofficially sponsored by BUNZ, which can feel free to send us a check as they see fit.

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Episode 217: 1987 vs 2017

John & Pat once again compare the ’80s to the ’10s, and once again prove the past was a huge load of crap. Of course, they also prove that so is the present. Why even bother doing anything? Just quit your dumb job and collect unemployment.

Episode 216: 2017 Emmy Predictions

John & Pat predict the Emmy winners with the stunning accuracy you’ve come to expect from two guys with no showbiz experience or insight. And who doesn’t enjoy hearing semi-educated guesses about events that have already taken place? That’s what death cults are built on!

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Episode 213: I Love Lucy vs. Motörhead – Ace of Spades w/ David Schneider

“David joins the guys to finally answer the question that’s been plaguing all of us since the 20th century: Who’s better – Lucille Ball or Motörhead? The answer may surprise and delight you! If you’re psychotic.

Episode 212: Mork and Mindy vs. People of Earth

John and Pat tackle the illegal alien issue in a way those do-nothings in the government never thought of: by comparing two television shows. Who’s to say which method is more likely to heal the country? Jeremy Piven? I don’t think so.

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Episode 207: Thirtysomething vs. The Big Bang Theory

John & Pat look at 2 popular but terrible TV shows, but unfortunately John’s audio gets all squirrelly halfway through the episode. Still, it’s easier to get through than either of these shows.

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Episode 204: My Three Sons vs. My Two Dads

John & Pat celebrate Father’s Day a week late with two sitcoms about dads, in honor of all the real dads out there who were always late for the important events in their children’s lives. Thanks for the years of therapy, family!

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