Episode 255: Improv Games

If you’ve ever watched a monkey try to do calculus, you know what you’re in for: John & Pat, with no improv background between them, play improv games. Aren’t you tired of professionals like Paul F. Tompkins and Jason Mantzoukas giving you polished, reliably entertaining comedy? Of course you are. Welcome to the future.

Episode 252: An Episode About Nothing Part Infinity

John & Pat tackle philosophy by discussing nothing to highlight the meaninglessness of existence. Or they were just to lazy to come up with an actual topic. Listen and decide for yourself.

Episode 245: The Cars – The Cars vs. of Montreal – White is Relic/Irrealis Mood

John & Pat once again prove they quickly run out of things to say when talking about music. Then again, this is free, so who are you to complain? Check your privilege, doofus.