Episode 229: Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

John and Pat spend an episode doing exactly what the rest of you do at work and click on Wikipedia links until they get bored. The only difference is, they’re not getting paid for it. And they never will be if they keep insulting potential advertisers as they do in this episode. The resistance lives!

Episode 220: Our Top 50’s Movies

John & Pat take a look at the best films from a decade remembered fondly exclusively by old white men. Which could be any decade, really. You’ll just have to listen to find out which! Or read the episode title.

Episode 198: Michael Jackson – Thriller vs. Prince Sign O’ The Times

Pop culture guru Steve Mockus returns to settle the most important debate of our time: Prince vs. Michael Jackson. As with most debates, there is disagreement – and also murder most foul.

Episode 197: Our Top 10 Movies of the ’00s

John & Pat pick their favorite movies from the 2000s, which, strangely, end in 2009. For some reason 2010 is considered the teens, even though that’s obviously complete nonsense. Thanks for nothing, PYTHAGORAS.